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Alison Coldridge

Freelance lifestyle writer and editor. Yahoo UK's former parenting editor. Obsessed with the pretty things in life. 

Give Your Bathroom A Whole Lot More Flair With These Tweaks

Steal these unusual and beautiful makeover ideas for your bathroom…

Reckon your bathroom’s better? Tweet us at pic at @YahooStyleUK.


Hang Pictures Up
Bathroom walls tend to be bare, but they don’t need to be. Jazz them up with some quirky framed pictures or mirrors. [Photo:]


Add A Statement Wall
Bathroom furniture tends to be white, so why not add a coloured wall of tiles to make the room look a tad more eye-catching? [Photo: Pinterest]


Paint The Walls
Wallpaper may be a no-go in bathrooms thanks to all the damp, so unleash your inner artist (and call in a professional) and paint the walls with a beautiful design. [Photo:]


Consider A Window Treatment
If you’re a fan of minimal style, your one big statement piece could be your window. [Photo:]


Give Your Sink A Face Lift
Installing a beautiful porcelain sink like this one doesn’t have to break the bank and can be the one tweak your bathroom needs to make it a little more lovely. [Photo:]


Jazz Up Your Shower
Showering at 6am in the morning would be made 10 times better with a gorgeous wall to look at - rather than grout. [Photo: Pinterest]


Get Some Vegetation In There
Bathrooms are the perfect climate to house most indoor plants in - and they make the place look a whole lot more alive and colourful. [Photo:]


Put In A Sliding Door
Who says the tweaks have to be made to the bathroom itself? [Photo: Pinterest]


Get A Bath-side Table
A little bedside table is really useful for the bathroom. Once you’ve been using it to hold your wine glass, book and a candle for a couple of weeks you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. [Photo: Pinterest]


Go Pink
Yes, it may be a little girly but it stops bathrooms from being dark, dreary and damp places. [Photo: Pinterest]


Make It Homely
Just because it’s a bathroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t include a chair and some reading material. [Photo: Pinterest]


Put Down A Big Rug
Bathroom floors get cold - a bright and colourful rug will make the room seem, and feel, a whole lot warmer. [Photo: Pinterest]


It’s All In The Details
Stock up on a gorgeous soap dish, toothbrush holder and mirror - and don’t forget to buy some fab towels. [Photo: Pinterest]


13 Tips For Creating A Seriously Snug Bedroom You‘ll Never Want To Emerge From

Your bedroom needs to be a sanctuary for you - after all, it’s the room that you need to be most rested and relaxed in, in order to get a good night’s kip. So make note of these simple ideas that will help transform your bedroom into a space you’ll never want to leave…

Reckon you room’s got some serious style? Tweet us at pic at @YahooStyleUK.


Invest In Some Cable Knits
Just like cable knits should be a staple in your winter wardrobe, they should be a permanent fixture in your bedroom. [Photo: Pinterest]


Aim For Organised Chaos
A little mess never hurt anyone - in fact, it can make your bedroom look a whole lot cosier. Just make sure it’s organised madness. [Photo: Pinterest]


Layers, Layers, Layers
From throws to eiderdowns to sheets, you can never have too many layers. The more you have on your bed (and floor), the cosier your room will be. [Photo: Pinterest]


Embrace Checks
A old fashioned themed space, complete with vintage suitcases as a bedside table and checked throws and blankets, will give your room an old-world feel that’s really very snug. [Photo: Pinterest]


Sleep On The Floor
OK, maybe not actually on the floor as that would probably give you a really bad back but splash out on a super low bed that you can literally throw yourself on to. [Photo: Pinterest]


Snap Up A Fluffy Blanket
For when you just want to curl up on your bed and read. [Photo: Pinterest]


Cover The Floor In Rugs
Double layer them like this for an even softer surface to pad around barefoot on. [Photo: Pinterest]


Position Your Bed By A Window
There’s nothing nicer than waking up to the sun streaming through the window, or taking refuge in bed when it’s pouring outside. [Photo: Pinterest]


Build A Makeshift End-Of-The-Bed Table
Cover it with candles, books and perhaps a bottle of wine for the evenings in bed. [Photo: Pinterest]


Go Mad With Fairy Lights
You’re never too old to have them. [Photo: Pinterest]


Fill A Basket With Blankets
For easy grabbing on chilly nights when you need a few more layers. [Photo: Pixers via Pinterest]


Go Back To Basics
Sometimes all you need is a big rug on the floor and a couple of blankets on your bed. [Photo: Pinterest]


Achieve A Rustic Vibe
If you’ve got exposed brickwork or wooden beams in your home, you’ve got the ideal base to build a super snug rustic room. [Photo: Pinterest]


Half Of Us Reckon Our Partners Are Average – So Why Are We With Them?

Some 50 per cent of women think their partners are “average”. Sad face. [Photo: Rex]

Do us Brits settle? It’s a question you have to ask when you discover that a shocking half women rate their partners as “average”, or even “below average”.

Average is alright, average is so-so, average is sad. Average definitely isn’t something to jump up and down about – so why do so many of us stay in mediocre relationships?

Prepare yourself – it gets worse. Some 10 per cent of us Brits would only give our partners a dismal one out of 10, when rating them.

The stats have been unveiled as part of research from De Agostini Publishing, in celebration (or commiseration, it would seem) of National Boyfriend’s Day tomorrow.

As well as revealing how miserable we all are in our relationships, the survey outlines what we think and feel about relationships. And it’s made us realise that it’s definitely time most of us made a little extra effort.

Almost half of men living in London admit that they’ve never once received a gift from their girlfriend (c’mon ladies!), but we’re holding out hope that women outside of the capital treat their partner’s a little better.

So what do women do if they want to make their boyfriend feel special? Most (55 per cent) opt for an activity, while 22 per cent cook a meal, 17 per cent plan an activity, 14 per cent plan a weekend getaway and one in 10 get involved in their other half’s hobbies.  

But, says dating, sex and relationship expert Andy Jones, women are on the right track here.

“With many women thinking their boyfriend would love the latest gadget more than anything, it seems what we really want from our partner is simply to spend time together,” says Jones, a columnist for Man About Town.

What the survey doesn’t outline, however, is how men feel about their partners – and treat them. We would love to see some stats on that.

A Terrifying New App Allows People To Rate Each Other – Without Their Consent

Is This The Key To Good Sex For Women?


Sprout Hair Clips Are All The Rage In China – And Nobody Knows Why


[Photo: Instagram/Korean Swimwear]

We’ve come across weird and wacky fashion fads in our time, but this one takes the biscuit.

In China, people are adorning their hair with clips that look like sprouts. Not the Christmas dinner kind but the sort that signals a plant is growing. A bean sprout. Random, right?

The grassy fashion trend is quite literally taking over the country and seems to be a hit with men and women of all ages.


[Photo: Ebay]

CNN reports that in Nanluoguxiang, an ancient stone lane in Beijing, vendors selling the fake plastic plants are a huge hit with tourists, who can’t wait to take selfies with their new accessories.

But no one seems to know where the bizarre trend originated from. Zhou Delai, a vendor holding a tray full of clips, told CNN the trend started in Beijing about two weeks ago. He says he sells a whopping 200 clips every three to four hours.

“I have no idea who initiated the trend,” he said. “I stocked clips because so many people had wore them.”

It’s a cheap trend to latch on it. Zhang sells two clips for less than $1 and reckons it’s a really fun accessory to sport.

And millions of the clips are being sold online at even cheaper prices. One bestselling store on Taobao, China’s most popular online shopping platform, has sold more than one million clips.

Somehow we can’t see the trend taking off here – although we would love to see the Duchess of Cambridge rocking one.

Enter The Fish Gape – The New Celebrity Pose You Need To Know About

Surprising Fall Trend: Clumpy Lashes


Mum Slams Women Who Wear Revealing Tops But Stare When She Breastfeeds


The photo has quickly gone viral and been shared over 20,000 times. [Photo: Facebook/Jennifer Taylor]

A mother has caused a stir on social media after hitting out at women who don low-cut tops yet stare at breastfeeding women.

Jennifer Taylor, from Las Vegas, posted a breastfeeding selfie (aka brelfie) to Facebook, saying that the facial expression she’s seen wearing is the same one she gives strangers when they stare at her feeding her child.

She directed the post at women who stare at her while she’s nursing her one-year-old child, but “walk around with their t**ties damn near popping out their shirt for attention”.

“Mind your own t**s b*****s and let me nourish my daughter,” she added.

The post has garnered a huge amount of attention, from both people who support Taylor’s stance to those who don’t. Some haters even reported her brelfie to Facebook, saying it contained nudity – which didn’t sit well with Taylor.


Taylor’s rant has received mix reviews. [Photo: Facebook/Jennifer Taylor]

“Lol so y’all post half naked pics and your “thirst traps” but want to report a pic of me breastfeeding my child? Hilarious,” the 21-year-old wrote in a second post, after being notified by the site’s support team that someone had asked for the photo to be taken down. Facebook assured Taylor that the image didn’t violate Facebook’s community standards and so she didn’t need to remove it.

One Facebook user commented on the photo, “I wasn’t ready for that pic when u post it (sic).”

Taylor’s response? “But it’s natural! People have become so artificial that it’s out of the norm to use my breasts for their natural purpose.”

What do you think? Should women continue posting brelfies on their social media profiles or are we all over it now? Tweet us at @YahooStyleUK.

Photo Of A Woman Breastfeeding Her Child And A Friend’s Divides Opinion

The Celebrity Breastfeeding Photo You Absolutely Have To See


Designer Rick Owens Practically Had Models 69ing On The Paris Fashion Week Catwalk

We can’t imagine Kendall Jenner taking part in a show like this. [Photo: Rex]

We appreciate that great fashion designers push the boundaries and surprise us with the unexpected – they’re visionaries after all – but Rick Owen’s SS16 has left us a little baffled.

The high-fashion designer dressed his models with other models at his Paris Fashion Week show in the French capital yesterday. Parading down the catwalk walk effectively 69ing each other, the presentation seemed to be less about the clothes and more about the spectacle.

We’re not sure which position is preferable… [Photo: Rex]

We wonder how they managed to strap her into that contraption? [Photo: Rex]

Two models were quite literally strapped to each other for each individual look, with some ‘worn’ on the front and others symbolising a human backpack.

But while it was all very strange, it was all very Rick Owens. The designer loves to make a statement on the runway. In the past, Owens has staged a show in which the models’ penises freely floated around and another time he put on a step dance performance as a comment on racial equality. 

It’s definitely one of the strangest fashion shows we’ve come across. [Photo: Rex]

Owens is well known for his controversial fashion shows. [Photo: Rex]

And his spring/summer ’16 show had a deeper message about the strength of women and they way they all support one another.

“I see that focused vision being more about nourishment, sisterhood/motherhood and regeneration; women raising women, women becoming women, and women supporting women – a world of women I know little about and can only attempt to amuse in my own small way,” he wrote in the show notes.

“Straps can be about restraint but here they are all about support and cradling. Straps here become loving ribbons.”

So there you go.

Willow Smith Lands Modelling Contract With Same Agency As Kendall Jenner

Balmain SS16: Kendall and Gigi Steal The Show


Kendall, Gigi And Jourdann Are Among The Top Models Who Attend Balmain’s Star-Studded After-Party


Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Lily Donaldson arrive at the event. [Photo: Rex]

Balmain’s after-show dinner was one party we WISH we could have attended.

Filled to the brim with celebrities, models and influential figures it was definitely a Paris Fashion Show event to be seen at and, luckily for us, snapped at.

Kendall, Joan and Lily dressed to impress in an assortment of tan and biscuit coloured garments. [Photo: Rex]

Held yesterday evening in the French capital, after the success of the SS16 presentation in the afternoon, Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Joe Jonas, Jared Leto and Hailey Baldwin were just some of the famous faces who headed to the shindig, hosted by Balmain’s creative director Oliver Rousteing.

Talk about squad goals.


Kendall walking in the Balmain show. [Photo: Instagram/Kris Jenner]

Kendall Jenner looked as fierce as always in a pair of tan skintight suede trousers, with a Balmain T-shirt casually tucked in.

Model pal Joan Smalls donned a similar outfit – form-fitting trousers with a Balmain wraparound crop top. But it was Gigi Hadid who came out top of the style charts, in our eyes.


Gigi Hadid wore a dress similar to one Kim Kardashian’s worn previously. [Photo: Rex]


One of Gigi’s looks from the show. [Photo: Instagram/Gigi Hadid]

The reality star showed off her enviable frame in a hip-hugging nude dress, loosely laced up over her chest to flaunt her cleavage. Gigi had her singer boyfriend Joe Jonas on her arm, who screamed off-duty rock star in an all-black ensemble.


Jourdann Dunn donned head-to-toe Balmain - like most of those in attendance. [Photo: Rex]

Also in attendance was top model Jourdan Dunn, who added a pop of colour to the fashionable line up in an orange and metallic sequined mini Balmain dress and neon green lace up heels.

Lily Donaldson opted to show a whole lot of skin in a cutaway bodysuit with a sheer mesh skirt barely covering her thighs.


Alessandra Ambrosio looked incredibly angelic in this all-white ensemble. [Photo: Rex]

Top models Coco Rocha, Lily Aldridge, Hailey Baldwin, Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio also put in an appearance as did Kendall’s momager Kris Jenner, who arrived arm-in-arm with her beau Corey Gamble.


Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes backstage at the Balmain show. [Photo: Instagram/Alessandra Ambrosio]


The Balmain army during the SS16 show finale. [Photo: Instagram/Oliver Rousteing]

Favourite look? Tweet us at @YahooStyleUK.

Chloe SS16: Jada Pinkett Smith Makes A Splash In A Canary Yellow Coat At Chloe

Balmain SS16: Kendal And Gigi Steal The Show


Chloe SS16: Jada Pinkett Smith Makes A Splash On The FROW In A Canary Yellow Coat

Jada wowed in this bright and bold number. [Photo: Getty]

The Chloe SS16 presentation may’ve been a floaty affair filled with muted hues, as you would expect from the famously dreamy French fashion house, but Jada Pinkett Smith made sure she was noticed in a bright yellow trench coat as she sat on the FROW and watched the proceedings.

The actress, who’s attended a number of PFW shows in the last few days, is clearly making her mark and ignored this season’s 70s trend to make sure she stood out in her effortlessly chic ensembles.

The 44-year-old, looked spectacularly Parisian in a loose-fitting white pussybow blouse tucked into black cigarette pants, accompanied by her statement coat draped over her shoulders.

In support of the show she was at, she clutched a Chloe Faye python leather shoulder bag that completed the look. [Photo: Getty]

Jada sat on the FROW with Dylan Frances Penn. [Photo: Getty]

Jada’s been taking Paris Fashion Week by storm over the last few days. [Photo: Getty]

There was little yellow on the catwalk; instead the runway was teaming with tiers and tracksuits – all designed in the incredibly chic style the brand, led by Clare Waight Keller, is known for.

Citing the likes of Courtney Love and Kate Moss as muses for the new season look, Keller’s new collection was brimming with rebellious nineties looks – with a touch of floaty fabrics and femininity. Halternecks, spaghetti strap dresses and denim played a key part in the show – a chic take on the outfits we all used to throw on as girls. 

The show itself was a little grungy, in a nod to 90s fashion. [Photo: Getty]

Slip dresses were one of the show’s key looks. [Photo: Getty]

Jada wasn’t the only famous face taking in the brand’s news season offerings. Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni rocked up in a chunky knit with a washed out dungarees thrown over the top and Anna Dello Russo came dressed in a pair of burnt orange studded flairs, paired with a pussybow blouse vaguely similar to Jada’s.  

Are you a fan of Jada’s look? Tweet us at @YahooStyleUK.

Balmain SS16: Kendall And Gigi Steal The Show

Willow Smith Lands Major Modelling Contract


This Singer’s Make-Up Free Selfie Should Be An Inspiration To Anyone With Freckles

If only we all looked this good without our foundation and mascara, eh? [Photo: Instagram/Ricki-Lee Coulter]

Anyone who’s got freckles will no doubt have had a love/hate relationship with them – just like Ricki-Lee Coulter.

The Australian singer/songwriter decided to go make-up free for a selfie this week and posted the flawless snapshot to celebrate – and show off – her freckles with the whole world. And we think you’ll agree that it’s her freckles that make her so alluring.

The singer, who’s just been on a two-month-long tour of Europe for her honeymoon, usually covers her freckles up. [Instagram/Ricki-Lee Coulter]

Coulter’s definitely a beautiful woman - and should definitely show off her freckles more. [Instagram/Ricki-Lee Coulter]

Acknowledging that she hasn’t always been a fan of her freckles, she explained in the image’s caption that she now loves them.

“When I was a little girl I hated my freckles but one day my Pop told me they were just a whole lot of beauty spots & that girls with freckles are special. Now I love them!” she wrote on Instagram.  

Coulter uploaded the same pic to Facebook where, in addition to a huge amount of love and support from her fans, she found herself flooded with hateful comments about her make-up free looks – and her frequent desire to cover her freckles up.

Coulter’s photo was met with a fair amount of criticism. [Photo: Facebook/Ricki-Lee Coulter]

“That explains perfectly why this is the first time I have ever seen them. Are you sure you aren’t just jumping on the bandwagon of ‘I’m super inspirational and love my body just the way it is’ and then only super mega rarely show peeps how you actually look? [sic]” wrote one Facebook user.

But instead of quietly letting the abusive comments continue, Coulter responded to almost every comment in a calm and dignified manner before posting her own response to all of those who chose to be negative.

“It makes me so sad that there are people out there that are so miserable in their own lives that they will turn a candid moment and a beautiful memory into something negative and nasty,” she wrote. “Please - do me and everyone else here a favour and unlike my page, then go and get yourself a life.”

After refraining from taking a stand against her trolls, Coulter responded with this message. [Photo: Facebook/Ricki-Lee Coulter]

The singer’s photo inspired many of her fans to share their freckled face photos, with some fans describing them as “angel’s kisses” and others remarking how beautiful they are. And despite all of the horrible remarks, it seems like most of her fans love freckles almost as much as they love her.

Are you a fan of freckles? Tweet us a pic of yours to @YahooStyleUK.

17 Beauty Finds Designed To Enhance Your Selfie

Sarah Jessica Parker Looked Like A High-Fashion Fairytale Princess At The New York City Ballet Fall Gala


Sarah Jessica Parker Looked Like A High-Fashion Fairytale Princess At The New York City Ballet Fall Gala


What we would give to go out in a frock like that. [Photo: Getty]

Talk about dreamy. Sarah Jessica Parker slipped into the kind of dress that Carrie Bradshaw made women worldwide lust after at last night’s New York City Ballet Fall Gala.

The 50-year-old proved she most definitely is still fabulous at 50 in a stun-ning Zuhair Murad frock that lit up the event’s red carpet like a Christmas tree.

Featuring a full skirt, three quarter length sleeves, a semi-sheer bodice and a dramatic train, the glittering grey gown wouldn’t have been out of place at Prince Charming’s ball and showcased just how good SJP looks in a big glitzy number.


Simple make-up and a ridiculously elegant bun made sure all eyes were on her dress. [Photo: Getty]

The actress kept all of the attention on her dress with a chic hair updo and simple T-bar metallic pumps. She kept her make-up natural, with the exception of her trademark smoky eye shadow.

SJP wasn’t the only belle of the ball, though. Jennifer Hudson wowed in a stunning off-the-shoulder cream Prabal Gurung design that highlighted her astonishing weight loss and enviable cleavage.


Jennifer Hudson looked gorgeous in this glittering number. [Photo: Getty]

The singer, who starred with SJP in the first “Sex and the City” film, also opted for an elegant updo and jazzed up her look with a bold red lippy.

Vanessa Williams, who’s hit the headlines lately after receiving her Miss America apology, attended wearing a beautiful two-tone dress by Carmen Marc Valvo as did Ivanka Trump, who went for a form-fitting slinky black number, with an embellished bodice.


Vanessa Williams went for a monochrome number that suited her perfectly. [Photo: Getty]


Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka went for a more streamlined look. [Photo: Getty]

US model Carolyn Murphy got the ballgown memo and wriggled into a ruched midnight blue number, complete with huge skirt and train while former “Charmed” actress Rose McGowan went for an androgynous look.

The 42-year-old wore a two-tone trouser suit, emphasising her long legs and slim frame.


For us, it’s all about those earrings Carolyn. Swoon. [Photo: Getty]


Rose McGowan is one lady who can pull off a suit with aplomb. [Photo: Getty]

Now, anyone want to invite us to a red carpet event so we can whack out one of our many couture ballgowns? Anyone?

PETA’s 35th Anniversary Party: Best Dressed 

Selena Gomez’s Euro Trip Style File Proves She’s A Fashion Force To Be Reckoned With